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Rationale: “Ghosting” has become a household phrase in the dating world. Yet, this act of disappearing is becoming prevalent in the professional realm as well as academia. The importance of professionality for career readiness is critical, and communication is vital. It is, therefore, essential to integrate the issues surrounding dos and don’ts into the class curriculum.  Generation Z needs to be aware of and understand the implications of these ideologies for landing a dream job.

This panel will discuss the importance of “please and thank you” and how ghosting can damage one’s reputation and limit their opportunities. The panel will focus on professional email etiquette, the importance of interpersonal relationships and engaging students through career readiness. At the end of the session, attendees will be able to articulate with students the significance of networking and follow through. Attendees will be provided with tools to tackle this ideology in their campus community and professional world.


Florida Communication Association (FCA) Conference


College of Communication and Design

Powers Carlin Ghosting FCA.pptx (37950 kB)
“Ghosting” and its Impact on Professional Communication (PowerPoint)



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