Using Early Recollections in Counseling Practice

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In this 2-hour continuing education webinar, Dr. Jon Sperry reviewed the use of Early Recollections (ER’s) in counseling practice. Early Recollections are a very useful projective assessment tool and therapeutic technique developed by Alfred Adler, the creator of Individual Psychology. The ER process can assist therapists and counselors to understand their client’s personality dynamics and to facilitate second-order change--transformational change. This strategy can be used by mental health practitioners working from a range of modalities from cognitive behavioral therapy to psychodynamic, existential, post-modern, feminist, and other therapeutic approaches.

This introductory continuing education webinar is designed to help mental health professionals:

  • Define Early Recollections and the clinical process.
  • Identify the several Early Recollection interpretation models.
  • Summarize the empirical support of the Early Recollection process.
  • Demonstrate the Early Recollection and interpretation process through experiential practice.
  • Demonstrate how to integrate Early Recollections in clinical practice.



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