Letters From Camp

Letters From Camp



What if there was a love so great that it could keep two people together through the worst times imaginable? The year is 1944. The place is Eastern Europe. The skies are black with ash, and the ground is stained with blood and tears. A husband and wife are separated by the Nazi Regime and sent off to the Concentration Camps, likely to never see each other again. Yet in the face of unimaginable trauma, they refuse to let go of each other. Andor Vermes risked everything to keep a diary in the Concentration Camps, not to write an accurate account of what he was experiencing, but to write to his love, Magdolna, in the hopes that someday they will be reunited. These letters are real. The events they describe are gruesome, horrifying and heart wrenching, but they cannot be denied. This was Europe in 1944 for the Jewish people. This was Andor and Magdolna’s third year of marriage. This was life as they knew it. What would you say to the one you love if it might be the last letter you ever get to write?

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Letters From Camp