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The fall of Communism marked a new era for Eastern European countries. The events that followed the 1989 revolutions brought about new economic reforms within this region. However, only a few countries have managed to successfully overcome the shroud their communist predecessors had on their approach to business and industry. Poland is one country that is rapidly overcoming its history.

Poland constitutes one of the largest single markets in Eastern Europe and has the highest growth rate of Central and Eastern Europe (4.1%), as well as the highest GDP of $180.4 billion. It offers direct access to both the former Soviet bloc of countries and the rest of the European Union as well, It is one of the few countries in Eastern Europe to lead the way in its transition toward a newly developed capitalistic economy.

Sensonnatic is currently the world leader in electronic security systems and its product line includes electronic article surveillance (EAS), CCTV systems, access control systems, and electronic asset protection (EAP) solutions. Sensormatic has subsidiaries, distributors, and joint ventures in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. One of the major opportunities the company is attempting to take advantage of is the entrance into the Eastern European market. At this time, Poland is an obvious investment opportunity for Sensormatic.



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