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Lynn University

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Master of Professional Studies (MPS)

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International Management


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This research examines the question "Can a United States merchandising franchise work appropriately in Colombia?". This becomes an interesting study due to the fact that given the new internationalization of the Colombian economy, diverse opportunities for foreign investment have emerged.


A literature review on merchandising and the franchising business is done (1993-1995). Then, four franchisees in South America are interviewed about main issues on the franchising business. Finally, 60 decision-makers involved in the retail business in Colombia are also interviewed to determine if there is a consumer market for the merchandising industry.


96.7% of the marketing executives would consider investing in a merchandising plan for their branch network. Out of the 60 interviewees, 51 perceive the use of merchandising in the retail channel as an upstarting trend in Colombia.


Recommendations are made considering both, the literature review and the interviews. The franchisee should develop a marketing plan for Colombia in which seminars and lectures in reference to merchandising are included. Colombia could be a first step into entering the Latin American market as a whole.



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