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Document Type


Granting Institution

Lynn University

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Degree Program

Communication & Media - Digital Media


College of Communication and Design

First Advisor

Daniel Coes

Second Advisor

Mark Coné

Third Advisor

Ellen Stern


Prior to college, I realized education is a pivotal component of life. Education is not just an opportunity, but also a privilege that secures and ensures my full potential. It has led to the greatest opportunity that I embarked upon during my undergraduate studies while attending Lynn University. Studying abroad in Florence, Italy helped me master independence and responsibility on another level. Gladly, to say the fondest memory that I retain was being able to take a wine-tasting course, while still receiving credits. Florence, Italy, is truly the Mecca for art enthusiasts, like myself seeking insight and knowledge through historical perspectives based on the first methodical systems on art and education. While simultaneously, learning about the core components of Graphic Visual Art and Design over the course of a semester. Therefore, my undergraduate studies have endowed me with the necessary determination and proficiency to deploy towards my goal of obtaining a Masters of Science.

Daniel Taylor is in his experimental phase he is letting his mind and soul express and form is art. As a young artist is work is still evolving. He is on a path of self-discover and innovation. The work in this portfolio follows the themes of two-dimensional media and techniques as well as digital three-dimensional method. In addition, experimenting with the foundations and principles of art and design theory and interpretation.

He is experimenting with two-dimensional media and techniques. As an artist he is stimulated by the interaction with the media and the various techniques. Over the years many media and techniques have become standardized. Meaning that with the advance in technologies, a deluge of new processes and materials have become accessible for experimentation and development. While some are increments of traditional methods, others, like computer-generated imagery are without precedent. Daniel is currently intermixing traditional and nontraditional techniques through a multidisciplinary apparatus. The take away at the end of the day is despite refinement or simplicity, all innovations have begun to broaden his vision.

Philosopher John Dewey said it right: “The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important.” We want a grand purpose, with challenging goals and an ambitious plan to achieve them: a life measured not in the number of likes or retweets we get, but in the things that we have built, the people we have helped or inspired with what we’ve done.

A wise person once said that the two most important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why. When we were born we won the lottery. Not only did we win the one-in-trillion-chance-to-even exist sweepstakes, we were born into the most technologically advanced society our species has ever known. We are among the most educated people in human history. Being who you are, right now, is the single greatest gift anyone could ever be given. You know it in your bones. Everyone feels it, and the need to make something of these gifts burns inside each of us. We want our lives to really matter. Therefore, the mediums of digital technology are widening my understanding of myself, thus shaping my narrative.


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