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Lynn University

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Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

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Global Leadership - with a specialization in Corporate and Organizational Management


College of Business and Management

First Advisor

Robert Green

Second Advisor

Farideh Farazmand

Third Advisor

Mohammed Chowdhury


Guyana has lost most of the human resources it has cultivated and educated, which includes the cream of its young labor force. In a 2005 study, the World Bank singled out Guyana as the "worst example" of outward migration in the region. This study is necessary because given this significant outward migration Guyana have not enjoyed a return flow as similar countries in the Caribbean. There currently exists no empirical work that examined factors that would predict return migration for Guyana.

This study used a quantitative, non-experimental, correlation (explanatory) and causal-comparative (exploratory) cross-sectional survey research design is the first study to examine the intention of Guyanese living in the United States to return to Guyana with survey data collected from 236 participants and 169 of these were selected for analysis of the intention to return. As the data collected was non-continuous and nonparametric, nominal categorical logistic regression analysis, Pearson Chi-square test, and ANOVA analyses were used to test the hypotheses and the answer research question.

Of the ten hypotheses tested in this study, age, gender and number of children were supported as having significant correlation with the intent to return to Guyana and predicators to return to Guyana. Educational level was found to be marginal predictor for the intent to return. Six factors, level of income, martial status, intent to contribute to economic development, socio-political factors, wealth and accumulated assets, and earned skills, were not correlated nor identified as predictor variables for the intent to return to Guyana. These findings suggest that the Guyana Government can develop repatriation policies geared towards schooling, health care and employment opportunities that are specific to this group who indicated an interest to return.



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