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Date of Award


Document Type


Granting Institution

Lynn University

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

Degree Program

Global Leadership - with a specialization in Corporate and Organizational Management


College of Business and Management

First Advisor

Robert D. Green

Second Advisor

Farideh Farazmand

Third Advisor

Erika Grodzki


This research explored the relationships between the marketing mix, customer perceived value, relationship quality (customer satisfaction, trust, and commitment), and customer loyalty for Taiwanese retail stores. The study employed systematic random sampling to select 593 subjects from the Hanshin department store and the 7-Eleven convenience store, as well as the Wellcome supermarket, the Carrefour hypermarket, and the Costco warehouse club. The final number of usable questionnaires was 500. A four-part questionnaire was employed in this study and included customer shopping characteristic variables, the marketing mix scale, the customer perceived value scale, the relationship quality and customer loyalty scale.

Data collected from the questionnaire was analyzed with PASW Statistics 18 to test the hypotheses. Descriptive statistics, internal consistency reliability, exploratory factor analysis, Pearson's correlation, multiple regression and ANOVA statistical operations were performed. The results tested the four hypotheses (3 sub-hypotheses per hypothesis) and determined the answers for the research question.

The findings indicated that trust, commitment, price deal and perceived quality significantly and positively influenced customer loyalty, word-of-mouth communication, price insensitivity, and purchase intention. Findings also indicated that distribution intensity had a positive relationship, while advertising spending had a negative relationship with customer word-of-mouth communications. Customer satisfaction was a significant factor only for purchase intention.

Taiwanese retail store shoppers are highly trustful and committed to the store. Retailers should deliver more value to shoppers through promotion activities (price deals and advertising campaigns) to build a long-term and mutually profitability relationship with shoppers. The limitations and future research recommendations are also included in this study.



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