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Lynn University

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Master of Science (MS)

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Criminal Justice Administration


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Trust is an emotion developed over time. Trust is an inner belief, or confidence, that a person, entity, object, or circumstance will act in accordance with one's personal, pre-determined expectations. In communication, we all have an inherent trust that our intended message will be perceived as intended. When there is a misinterpretation, misunderstandmg occurs and communication breakdown results, trust is then lost to a certain degree. Law enforcement is a complex element of our society; there is a necessity for continual clarification of contemporary issues to avoid miscommunication. Law enforcement is a high profile public entity. By it's very nature it is open to public scrutiny, various perspectives, and 'entitled opinions' in regard to it. There is a tremendous amount of 'trust' associated with the concept of law enforcement in our society. Fortunately, we as a society posses many various avenues of communication. If one method of communication is misinterpreted, we possess the ability to either re-word the message or project the communication in a divergent form, insuring the intended meaning is conveyed. Addressing any misconceptions with a new method of communication, and developing (or reestablishing) trust through that mechanism is what this archetype report is all



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