Date of Award


Document Type


Granting Institution

Lynn University

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Degree Program

Sports and Athletics Administration


School of Graduate Studies

First Advisor

Richard A. Young


Lynn University is a successful university in many phases. One area that Lynn excels in is athletics. The athletic department as a whole has won several national championships. Many programs are highly ranked nationally year after year. Within this success there is one aspect of college athletics that Lynn University does not have. There are no summer high school sports camps. Many other colleges utilize summer camps to aid their sports programs and universities as a whole.

This research project contains a comprehensive study concerning summer high school sports camps. First the nature and purpose of the study are discussed. The literature review follows with a look at funding and what summer sports camps can bring to a university. Procedures and method of the study are the next area and finally the results and references. The research question for the study is, "is there a way to implement summer sports camps at Lynn University that will benefit all aspects of the overall mission and goals of the University?"

Findings from the research are very positive. It is found that schools greatly benefit from high school summer sports camps. Unfortunately, for the time being, the likelihood of implementing camps is non-existent due to a major facilities conflict. The goal of developing a proposal for the implementation of the sports camps could not be attained. However, the study has been successful.



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