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Master of Professional Studies (MPS)


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Arthur E. Snyder



How will cable and home video impact the Motion Picture Industry in Jamaica?

This study examines the Motion Picture Industry in Jamaica and the impact that video rentals have had on the industry, as well as to predict the impact it may have on it in the future. The new emergence of cable operators may be in full operation in 1996. The impact that this new medium will have on the movie industry in the future will also be examined.


  • Interviews were conducted with the Managing Director of Palace Amusement Co. (1921) Ltd., a video store owner, as well as cable a operator, and a government official between December 20th 1995 and January 3rd 1996.
  • A random sample of 100 consumers were asked to fill out 100 questionnaires in the City of Kingston between December 12th and 20th 1995, where persons of all income levels are represented.
  • A literature review of newspaper articles from September 12th 1995 and February 21st 1996, and the analysis of cinema attendance for the years 1993 - 1995.


This researcher was successful in obtaining a response of 100% to the questionnaires issued in Jamaica. After tallying the answers to each question, the following results were determined and are listed below in order of appearance in the questionnaire. Described below are the categories that had the most responses. One hundred people were selected randomly to fill out a questionnaire. This researcher obtained responses to one hundred questionnaires from one hundred people.

  1. 49% were between the ages of 21 and 30, and 29% between 31 and 40.
  2. 60% of the respondents were male.
  3. 59% of the sample were single and 32% were married.
  4. 48% of the sample had children.
  5. 74% has a VCR.
  6. 88% go to the cinema.
  7. 53% of the movie-goers attend at least once every month.
  8. 78% of the sample are aware of coming attractions.
  9. 57% have cable.
  10. 48% rent videos.
  11. 28% of those that rent videos reported renting once per month or less frequently.
  12. The majority of those that rent videos will rent two on each visit.
  13. 61% of the sample have a viewing preference of cinema while 27% prefer cable.
  14. 53% of the sample think that the price of a ticket is dependent on the movie.
  15. 77% of the sample enjoy watching movies in the evening.

The interviews revealed the distinction between in-home and out-of-home entertainment. The behavioral patterns of both markets are different however, many of the targeted audience remains the same. There are separations in viewing preferences but it is linked with the affordability of and the proximity to the cinema. Both cinema and home entertainment are attempting to increase the value of entertainment and compete with each other.

The literature reviewed revealed the increase in technology and availability of foreign programs, and the great demand for these goods not only in Jamaica, but also in other countries. Many of the sound and visual effects that are created in film, are capable of accurate reproduction only in cinema. Cinema is more than merely watching a movie. It is a way to bring culturally diverse people together to share a common emotion.



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