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Lynn University

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Master of Professional Studies (MPS)


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Arthur E. Snyder


This paper will discuss the current tourism situation in the Caribbean. The two main topics of analyses are the cruise lines and different islands in the Caribbean. The two areas will be presented separately and at the end they will be linked for analyses and conclusion with the help of graphs, charts and surveys.

Puerto Rico, Curacao, Jamaica, and Barbados are the Caribbean islands chosen for this project.

Within the cruise lines section, the paper will review the history of the industry, the reasons behind today's great success, and possible outlooks for the future.

The Caribbean Islands section in this paper will discuss the importance of tourism in the economy, government intervention and participation, and overall tourism infra structure of the islands.

There will be three surveys used in this project. The first, done by the Cruise Lines International Association, presents key statistical information on the Cruise Lines Industry, as well as information that serves as comparison for the cruise lines and other forms of vacations. The second survey, done by Price Whaterhouse for the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, demonstrates the economic impact of the passenger cruise industry on the Caribbean. The third survey was done by myself with the intent of obtaining information on personal preferences of travelers when it comes to cruise lines or resorts in the Caribbean. I have also included a personal interview with an official from the Barbados Tourism Office.



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