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In 2016, religious studies Professor Dr. Mark Luttio began a five-month journey to the world’s religious epicenters with nothing more than a single change of clothes and his laptop tucked into an ordinary backpack.

Luttio traveled 100,000 miles, visiting 55 cities in 17 countries. He spent a month in Asia, two months in the Middle East, a month in Europe and a month in India. Made possible by the Kathleen Cheek-Milby Endowed Faculty Fellowship, his journey focused on promoting global understanding. Such a broad, encompassing topic becomes manageable the moment it becomes personal, he said.

Luttio began his journey in Japan in December 2016 with J-Term students. In Kyoto, they were served by a 16th generation tea master. The tea ceremony is a Zen ritual focused on being present in the moment.


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Lynn University


Boca Raton, FL

2017: Religious Tolerance and Diversity

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