Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences: Dr. Gary Villa

Dr. Gary Villa was appointed Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in January 2019, succeeding Dr. Katrina Carter-Tellison.

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences embraces the time-honored traditions of a liberal arts education by providing both depth and breadth of academic study. The University’s innovative core curriculum, The Dialogues of Learning, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, exemplifies this goal in its ability to acquaint students with the great works of fiction and non-fiction from the ancient times to the contemporary world. Equally essential to the Dialogues of Learning and to the mission of the College is to provide students with the skills in critical thinking, writing, oral expression and research methodology that will prepare them to become lifelong learners in both their academic careers and beyond. The diversity of the majors of the College also reflects its vision. From Environmental Studies and Political Science to Biology, Criminal Justice, Forensic Investigations, and Psychology, the College offers students opportunities to explore these majors and their prospective careers through traditional classroom settings, as well as experientially through field trips, guest speakers, internships, and study tours. In all its programs and curricula, the College seeks to support the University’s international and multicultural perspectives, thereby preparing students for responsible living in the twenty-first century.


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