Webinar 1: Job Search Tricks in the New Era


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Webinar 1 - Job Search Tricks in the New Era: Why What You’re Doing Now Matters More than Ever

Do you know how to set yourself apart in today’s job market?


  • Stefanie Powers, Journalism and Advertising & PR
  • Gary Carlin, College of Communication & Design


  • Suzanne Boyd - TV News Veteran, TV Show Creator, Podcast Host, Author
  • Alexandra Flugel ’18 - Producer and Director, Brandstar
  • Carla C. Conde ’94 - Former Vice President, Discovery Communication Latin America


Carla Conde – former Vice President of Corporate Communications for Discovery Network (Discovery Channel, HGTV, Animal Planet, Food Network & TLC). Started her own business in 2018 in corporate communications for a number of different clients in & around Miami & Latin America.

Suzanne Boyd – former TV news anchor with CBS12 for 20 years. Started her own company Suzanne Boyd Productions in 2018 from the ground up producing her own shows.

Alex Flugel – Producer & Director at Brandstar. Used to work on different commercials & infomercials in Florida but slowly got more involved in national TV shows like America’s Most Wanted. Worked with Dr. Phil and Ellen de Generes. Last few years has been creating documentaries and educational programs like Inside the Blueprint. Got her Masters in Communications from Lynn last year.

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Lynn University


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Webinar 1: Job Search Tricks in the New Era