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Over 150 million children are living in the streets across the world today (UNICEF, 2006). The Dominican Republic which is case in point is one of the many countries where children’s rights are not being protected, and the public welfare of children is not a priority, particularly in the case of street children, thereby increasing children’s encounter with challenges and exposure to risks. The lack of sufficient data creates a conundrum reflecting how bad this situation currently is, but growing concerns have proven how detrimental the challenge is to both children and the future of the country. Despite these alarming global statistics and deteriorating situations, this problem is still a fairly uncharted territory; this challenge leaves policymakers, governance systems, and communities both responsible and at risk as street children are as vulnerable as they are a threat. This study attempts to assess the current challenges associated with street children in the Dominican Republic, the working plans that are already addressing this challenge, and the areas needed for intervention.


Lynn University + Watson Institute


Boca Raton, FL


No Existe, Street Children, Children's Rights, Research, Students, Watson Institute

Street Children: A Focus on Dominican Republic (Research Report)



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