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Jenny Charest’s debut short story, The Old Man & the Mouse, is a dark tale of a widower and his experience with a supernatural infestation that embraces elements of afterlife and karma.

Publication Date



Lynn University Library


Boca Raton, FL


In April of 2019, Jenny Charest was awarded the grand prize for the Lynn University Library's Third Annual Creative Writing Contest for her short story, The Old Man & the Mouse.

Jenny Charest is a sophomore majoring in graphic design at Lynn University. She grew up in Florida and loves reading, drawing, and painting. She has been writing stories since her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Holzbauer, taught her how. The idea for The Old Man and the Mouse came from a book that was used in Mrs. Holzbauer’s class as writing inspiration—a book of strange pictures accompanied by vague captions. The stories from fourth grade were lost, but after she rediscovered the book, she began writing again.

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The Old Man & the Mouse



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