Being and Circumstances


Being and Circumstances


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Book I: Circumstantial Thinking and Ontological Thinking

Book II: The Imposture Syndrome

The human being undergoes a permanent fracture, between him and the world, between what he is and what he pretends to be, between reality and his expectations. And as we are obsessed by the concept of infinity, under various forms such as perfection, immortality or the absolute, we are brutally sent back to our own finitude, which makes existence even more difficult. Most of the time, these issues unfold unconsciously, which lead to painful consequences, generating a feeling of dissatisfaction and impotence. But if we make it the object of a deliberate reflection, despite the negative dimension of the content, we have access to ourselves, we engage in a true experience of being, free and joyful. The imposture is imposture only if we ignore its content and its presence, but by becoming a conscious object of reflection, the imposture takes the form of a regulating ideal.

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Being and Circumstances