Submission Guidelines for Graduate-Level Student Theses, Dissertations, and Portfolios

Who Can Submit

Graduate-Level Student Theses, Dissertations, and Portfolios only publishes materials about work conducted under the auspices of Graduate-Level Student Theses, Dissertations, and Portfolios. For additional information, please contact


How to Submit

1. Make sure your submission is in an acceptable format. For documents, we prefer Adobe Acrobat (PDF), but can accept Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format (RTF). With (or as) your submission, we can also include webpage links, video (mov, mp4), audio (mp3), iBooks files, and a variety of presentation files (PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, and more!). If you have questions regarding formats, please contact

2. Write an abstract for your submission if you haven't already. Please also select keywords. These are words that will help a user locate your submission through a search.

3. Fill in the submission form: Title (In Title Case), Author, Date, Document Type, Granting Insitution, Degree Name, Degree Program, Department, Advisors, copy and paste the Abstract and the Keywords you created in the designated boxes, and then Upload your File.

4. Submit the file!

5. If you have any questions, contact

Overview of the Process

After you submit your paper, the Lynn Archivist receives it and stores a copy for archival purposes. Then, they scan for any personal information: phone numbers, email addresses, student IDs, signatures, etc. and redact them to avoid publishing your personal information to the open web. This is the copy that is uploaded to SPIRAL. Both the original and redacted versions are stored in the Lynn Archives.

If everything is complete and there are no questions, you and your department representative will be notified by e-mail when the submission is posted.