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Lynn University

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

Degree Program

Global Leadership - with a specialization in Educational Leadership


College of Education

First Advisor

Adam L. Kosnitzky

Second Advisor

Ernest G. Vendrell

Third Advisor

Patrick T. Halperin


The scientific foundation in firearm and tool mark identification is that each firearm/tool produces a signature of identification (striation/impression) that is unique to that firearm/tool, and through examining the individual striation/impressions; the signature can be positively identified to the firearm/tool that produced it. There is no set number of matching striations that are needed for concluding an identification. The inability to identify fired bullets to individual Glock pistols resulted in an in-depth study of Glock's polygonal rifled barrels, which resulted in the manufacturing of the Miami/EBIS Gun Barrel. This research study provided the scholarly research that was needed to determine if questioned bullets from multiple consecutively manufactured Glock Miami/EBIS Gun Barrels could be distinguished from one and other, as well as the criteria for identification. This particular study explored the measurable differences between the relationship of traditional pattern matching, consecutive matching striations and/or a combination of both techniques through an experimental exercise involving bullets that were fired through consecutively manufactured Glock Miami/EBIS Gun Barrels. In addition, the years of experience of the participants in relationship to the results of the experimental exercise was explored. The results of this study provide firearm and tool mark examiners documentation supporting and validating the theory and hypothesis of the forensic science discipline of firearm and tool mark identification.



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