Date of Award


Document Type


Granting Institution

Lynn University

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Degree Program

Communication and Media


College of Communication and Design

First Advisor

Valeria Fabj

Second Advisor

Ned Camuso

Third Advisor

John Cipolla


New media have emerged over the last decade and are increasingly changing business practices within the media industry. Specifically this creative project addresses some of the challenges the television market is encountering, and how it is currently in the process of migrating to the World Wide Web. During this transitional moment in technology, this creative project introduces the proposal for Renaissance Web TV, an interactive Web platform that creates and produces its own original broadcast quality programming for the Web. This is an opportune moment to enter into the television market through Web video. This creative project explores how a "Webchannel" could use the art of storytelling with informative, cultural and entertaining shows, to engage viewers in social responsibility and activism.



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