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Lynn University

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Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

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Global Leadership - with a specialization in Corporate and Organizational Management


College of Business and Management

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Jeanette Francis

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Carole Warshaw

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Rhonda Polak


The purpose of this study was to determine the properties shared by effective Web sites in Taiwan. This study applied the Internet Commerce Evaluation Scale (ICES) Web site tool developed by Scheffelmaier and Vinsonhaler in 2002 to assess the quality of commercial Web sites in Taiwan.

This research summarized the studies and research design of properties characterizing successful Taiwanese electronic commerce Web sites. Two Web sites were chosen by the researcher and administered to 100 participants selected from college students aged 18-40 in Taiwan. This study also investigated the correlations between scores. Data analyses were conducted to examine 12 subscales of the ICES, a modified reliability analysis, and examined the satisfaction scale items in addition to the total score. Descriptive, psychometric, and inferential statistical techniques were employed.

The main findings of the research study were as follows: First, the reliability coefficients for the 12 checked items categories were very low, while those from the overall ratings scale, the total score, and the sum of all 68 checked items scales were adequate. This was true for both the High and Low Convenience Web sites, although the coefficients for the Low Convenience Web site were generally higher than those for the High Convenience Web site. Second, the 12 individual ratings and the overall ratings scale were the most valid predictors of Web site satisfaction, while the checked items scales were the least valid in Taiwan.

To summarize, certain scales from the ICES were strongly related to satisfaction with the Web sites. The respondents' ratings of the 12 categories and the sum of these 12 ratings were strongly correlated with the satisfaction items and total satisfaction score. For the High Convenience Web site, particularly, the Visitor Greeting, Catalog, Shopping Cart, Consistency & Standardization, Efficiency, and Brick & Mortar ratings were all positively correlated with the total satisfaction score. For the Low Convenience Web site, the correlations between the Visitor Greeting, Catalog, and Coherence & Organization ratings scores and the total satisfaction score were all greater than .50, which indicated a high degree of validity for these ratings with respect to satisfaction.

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Asian Studies Commons



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