Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Degree Program

Mass Communication


College of Communication and Design

First Advisor

Lorna Bell-Shaw

Second Advisor

Valeria Fabj

Third Advisor

Ericka Grodzki


This study applies the Fantasy Theme Analysis to explain the rhetorical vision that emerges from the mass media on the value of love as a product of America's imperial influence. The study questions if the American mass media influences the value of love in the Asian culture, and if Americans' distinct way of loving is emulated in their media. The rhetorical visions of the value of love examined in this thesis reveal that Americans believe that one should 'love your heart' as demonstrated in the movie Beloved, and that 'love can create miracles' in The Notebook. On the other hand, Asians believe that love must be 'real' in the movies House of Flying Daggers and 'love is firm as heaven and earth' in The White Dragon. The fantasy theme analysis's use of these movies show that Asians do in fact have their own way of loving, however; there exists an infiltration of American Love -the way Americans portray love - in their media.



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