Date of Award


Document Type


Granting Institution

Lynn University

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

Degree Program

Educational Leadership with a Global Perspective


College of Education

First Advisor

Frederick L. Dembowski

Second Advisor

Lori Wolin

Third Advisor

Ernesto J. Ojeda


Literature in the area recognizes that one of the best ways to reach training effectiveness is by increasing the rate of training transfer. However, people often are not able to successfully apply what they learn in training back to their work. This study proposes that to achieve a positive training transfer rate it is necessary to develop and implement a formal evaluation training system, which is able to track all factors individual and organizational- affecting transfer effectiveness before and after training occurs. In order to empirically demonstrate the influence of the pre and post- training evaluations on the transfer rate, a case study was conducted. An American-Venezuelan Corporation was the setting to examine the relationships between the dependent variable, positive training transfer, and the two primary independent variables, the pre-training evaluation and post-training evaluations. The research utilized a multi-method approach combining quantitative design predominantly, and qualitative design as an alternative technique. The results obtained from the three sources used, questionnaires applied to 215 trainees, in-depth interviews conducted to 8 trainees, and existing data reporting the transfer rate of each trainees surveyed, leaded the researcher to demonstrate the relationship between both variables studied. Insightful empirical evidence gathered from findings could be useful to those who constitute the main audience of this research, HR practitioners and other researchers involved in the training arena.



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