Date of Award


Document Type


Granting Institution

Lynn University

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

Degree Program

Educational Leadership with a Global Perspective


College of Education

First Advisor

William J. Leary

Second Advisor

Frederick L. Dembowski

Third Advisor

Richard B. Cohen


The experiential learning approach that involves active, in-depth and collaborative learning is a powerful pedagogical idea and technique to establish students' critical skills for the diverse workplace and the severe competitive global marketplace of the future. The experiential learning approach also builds a bridge across school (theory) and the real-world (experience). There is a large amount of empirical evidence that has shown the experiential learning approach worked well and successfully in business colleges and universities in many Western nations since the 1960s. However, there are only a few researchers who have looked at implementing the experiential learning approach in business colleges and universities in East Asian nations. Given the positive results of a variety of experiential learning methods, activities, and techniques adopted by many business colleges and universities in Western nations, the researcher, in order to determine the results of a similar program in an East Asian nation, has initiated an experimental study among students who are enrolled in a business college in one East Asian nation - Taiwan, Republic of China. This study would discover how effectively and efficiently the team-based case-study method of the experiential learning approach functions in a business college in Taiwan.



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