Cyber Web: A technological Guide for the Food and Technology Industry

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Web Design


Digital Media Arts College (DMAC)

First Advisor

Alexandria Gribble

Second Advisor

Kelly Maxson


In the ever-changing world of web design and technology, it would be excellent to have a place where designers, programmers, artists, and entrepreneurs could meet over a cup of delicious coffee and mouthwatering food. This would be a place to relax, get inspiration, and also have an industry expert on hand to help creatives with their projects.

CyberWeb Cafe is just a such place. In this virtual environment, it is necessary to have a content management system that can support a variety of features. In these forums, designers and programmers can discuss their issues and find solutions to their problems. If there is a need for more focused attention, there'll be feature to book an appointment with an expert, named the "Magician." They will meet with them in person at a CyberWeb Cafe location. In the end, they will feel the satisfaction from resolving their creative issues with CyberWeb Cafe.



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