A Revolutionary Approach for the Online Cookbook

Michael Guinoo, DMAC


With American consumers spending approximately one trillion dollars annually on food and the rapid pace of technology in today's "digital age," the food and beverage industries in the world. The desire for food encompasses so many things about us, from our culture to biological makeup. Along with our strive for knowledge and understanding about the world around us, food has far more bounds than almost any other entity of our being.

The GourmetSelection is a turnkey solution that fulfills both our cravings for food and knowledge in a fashion that keeps up with the pressure of today's technological curve. The GourmetSelection offers a revolutionary services to consumers that empower and inspire individuals to learn and cook savory, gourmet meals right in the comfort of their own home. Unique to any other food service on the market today, this solution will improve and promote healthy lifestyles across our globe; setting higher standards of quality foods throughout households in North America.