This is an archival collection of Digital Media Arts College (DMAC) Theses and Portfolios produced by DMAC students during their bachelors or masters degree programs. All content pre-dates October 2017, when Lynn University officially assumed ownership of DMAC.

Please contact the Lynn University Archives to access these theses or portfolios.


Theses/Portfolios from 2017

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Visual Effects Thesis, Antonio Colomba

Incubus, Michelle Esrig

3D Digital Matte Painting, Ishian Swan

Theses/Portfolios from 2015

Kinigos, Didier Saint-Louis

Theses/Portfolios from 2014

Hover Bike, Sergio Melicio

Unknown, Janice Liu

Cradle of Geb, Alexandra Hayes

The Cradle of Geb, Alexandra Hayes

3D Character Artist, Gabriel Hernandez

3D Modeler, Nelson Munguia

Demo Reel, Ricardo Saenz

Master, Taylor Selgas

Monster Control, Christopher B. Sizemore

Design School Graduate, Tony Traveis

Thesis Project Files, Tony Traveis

Charles Gilbert: Animation Portfolio, Charles Gilbert

Game Artist, Josue Gonzalez

Theses/Portfolios from 2013

ACE Web, Jason Dorf

Ace Web, Jason Dorf

Thesis II: Dragon Fire Shot, Angela Gawron

Thesis II: First Shot of Lighted Candle Short, Stephanie Gawron

Unmarked Foods, Bryon Hutcheson

Unmarked Foods, Byron Hutcheson

Confalley, Lucila Lizano

Confalley, Lucila Lizano

A Virtual Vision for Online Shopping, Roshell McKay

A Virtual Vision for Online Shopping, Roshell McKay

Tripologie, Kristyna Vavrova

Tripologie, Kristyna Vavrova

Match Moving, John Kontogianis

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Reel, Jose Trillanes

Aguilar Show Reel, Alex Aguilar

XLR8, Linda Howard

CG Generalist, Bobbie Silver

Thesis 2013, Ruth Agada

Unknown, August Arsashev

Karim Berraho: CG Artist & Modeller, Karim Berraho

Rigging Show Reel, Chris Crescenzo

Animator / CG Artist, Tommy Duggan

A Revolutionary Approach for Online Cookbook, Michael Guinoo

The Gourmet Selection: A Revolutionary Approach to Online Cooking, Michael Guinoo

VFX Animator, Rick Velez

Theses/Portfolios from 2012

Unknown, Vinson Anthonty

Nines the Spa Salon, Stephanie Armocida

Nines: The Spa & Salon, Stephanie Armocida

Lady Creeps Valetine, Nadia Bader

Final Click, Abdouelkarim Berraho

Rag Doll, Charles Gilbert

Painful Silence, Gabriel Hernandez

No One Saw It Coming, Daniel Nalepa

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) VFX, Karl Newman

Sacrifice, Stergos Papadimitriou

Demo Reel, Nicholas Pettit

CG Artist, Joshua Prophet

Rule of Pie, Ricardo Saenz

Demo Reel, Bryan Scwchyn

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Thesis, Jason Toledo

Unknown, Edwin Velez

Madness, Jonathan Zurita

The Art of Living, Brandon Nickerson

Slenderman, Bobie Silver

La Travita, Travis Ware

Losing Stripes, Angela Gawron

3d Artist, Logan Farmer

3D Generalist Show Reel, Angela Gawron

Animation Focus Thesis, Stephanie Gawron

Character Animator, Stephanie Gawron

Annimation Focus Thesis, Anthony Grandineti

CG Artist / Animator, Nora Keane

3D Animator, Romario Marshall

A 3D Animation Focus Thesis, Romario Marshall

Technical Art Focus Thesis, Karolis Mikalauskas

Character Animator, Jonathan Mueller

CG Artist, Diane Nguyen

Thesis II: Octopus from Outer Space, Siana Pentcheva

Video Game Artist, David Timmons

3D Modeler & Generalist, Jelissa Tycksen

Show Reel, Jonathan Zurita

Show reel, Christopher Fillmore

Demo Reel, Karolis Mikalauskas

Theses/Portfolios from 2011

Unwanted Intentions, Vinson Anthony

Late Night Routine, August Ardashev

Animation Focus Thesis, Nagihan Aydogdu

The Artist, Chris Crescenzo

Master Thesis, Zack Dessau

A Stressful Friendship, Thomas Duggan

ADAM Rx, Ross Feinstein

Book of Desires, Linda Howard

The Darkness Within, Jeff Kientzy

Animation Thesis, Ariel Machado

A Computer Animation Thesis, Stephen Matz, Stephen

All For the Money, Nelson Munguia

Thesis, Carmen Muriz

Animation Focus, Aaron Nikolaus

Animation Thesis, Avinash Prabhakar

Animation Thesis, Roman, Francisco Roman

Unknown, Didier Saint-Louis

The List, Logan Smith

Demo Reel, Michael Stegeman

Just Another Bullet, Alexander Aguilar