Beginning in 2009, The Lynn University Library, working in conjunction with the Office of Academic Affairs, established an annual recognition of faculty members who published works during the past year. This is a catalogue of the works recognized. To be eligible for inclusion publications, including books, articles, papers and musical recordings, must be peer reviewed or published by scholarly entities.


Submissions from 2017


Marketing for the Beginner: Resources from the ACRL Library Marketing and Outreach Interest Group, Sabine Dantus, Lindsay Davis, Jen Park, Chris Davidson, Bonnie Cohen Lafazan, and Joan Petit


The Ghost Ship of Brooklyn: An Untold Story of the American Revolution, Robert P. Watson

Traditional Preparations of Kava (Piper methysticum) Inhibit the Growth of Human Colon Cancer Cells in Vitro, Wayne Law

Creating Digital Content For Teacher Education Coursework, Kelly Burlison

Dialogues for Solo Violin, Thomas McKinley

Effective Strategies For Classroom Success! Teacher Supports For Use With Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders, Jennifer Lesh

Submissions from 2016

Submarine Groundwater Discharge as a Source of Nutrients to the North Pacific and Arctic Coastal Ocean, Alanna Lecher, Chia-Te Chien, and Adina Paytan

Art Exhibit [Photography], Ellen Stern

Art Exhibit [Spray paint and mixed medium], Kip Miller

Digital Immigrants Have An App For That: Infusing iPad App Training in Special and General Education Teacher Courses, Jennifer Lesh and Kelly Burlison

Partnerships in Caribbean Countries: Bringing Special Education to Developing Countries, Sustaining the Conversation, Jennifer Lesh and Amy Stevens


Personalize - Don't Standardize, Kathleen Weigel and Richard D. Jones

Rhetoric, Ignorance and (Un)civil Communication, Valeria Fabj and Matthew J. Sobnosky

The Social Construction of Ignorance: Framing Political Response in Europe’s Refugee Crisis, Timea Varga

Challenges and Triumphs of Teaching Television Studio Production, Denise Belafonte-Young

Do You Have An App For That? Infusing Apple Technology In Teacher Education Courses, Jennifer Lesh and Kelly Burlison

Market Volatility Timing with Google Query, Wei Feng and Robert W. Reich

Practice Makes Perfect...Why? Because We Have An App For That! Infusing iPad Training in Teacher Education Coursework, Jennifer Lesh and Kelly Burlison

Reading! No Problem! Infusing Technology Into Reading Instruction and Assessment, Jennifer Lesh and Kelly Burlison

Sharks, Crocodiles, Hurricanes and the Florida Detective, Thomas Ferstle

Symbolism and Social Media: Moving Students from the Person to the Professional, Stephanie Jackson, Erika Grodzki, Stephanie Powers, and Gary Carlin

Teach-IN: Inclusion, Involvement and Innovation, Jennifer Lesh and Kelly Burlison


The Curse of the Bridal Chamber: An Imogene and the Boys Novel, Hunter Murphy

The Effects of a Romantic Relationship Treatment Option for Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alexandra Cunningham and Rachel E. Pauletti

Immediate Effects of Therapeutic Group Drumming on Affective States in Inpatient Substance Abusers, Patrick J. Cooper, Debra Ainbinder, and Jonathan Sperry

Identifying Plant-Human Disease Associations in Biomedical Literature: A Case Study, Wayne Law

How to Write an Accounting eBook, James F. Downey

Technology Invasion: Apps to Revolutionize the Diverse 21st Century Classroom. Time to Launch!, Jennifer Lesh, Kelly Burlison, Carmen Ronnie, Marie Christin Lema, and Marie-Cecile Heinze

A Buffer Model Account of Behavioral and ERP Patterns in the Von Restorff Paradigm, Melissa Lehman, Siri-Maria Kamp, Kenneth J. Malmberg, and Emanuel Donchin

Amour and Love: On the Invention of the Concept of Cinema in Film, Nava Dushi and Igor Rodin

Best Practices For Chairing a Dissertation in Practice. A Non-Traditional Format at the Doctoral Level, Jennifer Lesh and Jennifer Burlison

Perceptions of Human Trafficking in the U.S., Erika Grodzki, Timea Varga, and Stefanie Powers

Knowledge Management and Challenges in Education, Erika Grodzki, Sharaf Rehman, and Clarinda Calma


The Nazi Titanic: The Incredible Untold Story of a Doomed Ship in World War II, Robert P. Watson

Assessment: Lost & Found in Translation, Paul Gormley

Creating a Relationship With Your Hometown Major League Sports Teams: Internships, Tours, and Experiential Learning, Denise Belafonte-Young

Europe Divided: European Relations Through the Prism of Constructivism in the Context of Europe's Refugee Crisis, Timea Varga

Free Will and Gender, Maria C. Serpas, Jorge A. Hernandez, Robert Riedel, and Cassandra Korte

Individual Differences and Perceptions of Personal Care Products, Sydney M. Trezza, Candace Sizer, Cassandra Korte, Robert Riedel, and Bradley Trager

Marijuana Use Among College Students: Implications for Practice and Policy, Marlena Ballard Coco

Self-recreation Through the Uncanny Encounter: Reading the Feminine Close-up in Cinema, Nava Dushi and Igor Rodin

Teaching Students How to Tell Stories in the Multimedia Platform Age, Denise Belafonte-Young

The Citizenship Project: Commitment to Community, Sindee Kerker

Conservation Assessment of Lecythidaceae from Eastern Brazil, Wayne Law

Creating Outcomes that Matter, Paul Gormley

How to Incorporate Medically Related Research in Pre-Med Curriculum, Khalique Ahmed

Time & Space – Halloween in the Witch City, Paul Gormley

Athletics and Academics: Lynn University Division II Sports Production and Distribution Endeavor, Denise Belafonte-Young

We Have An App For That: Infusing Technology in Teacher Education Courses, Jennifer Lesh, Kelly Burlison, Carmen Ronnie, Anika Smith, and Nicky Gomez

Cultural Knowledge Gaps (Lacunas): Challenges in Cross-Cultural Advertising, Erika Grodzki and Kinga Kowalewska

Executive Function Coaching as a Tool for Transition to College for Students with ADHD, Melissa Knight and Shara B. Goudreau

Grasping Towards My History, Paula Hyman

Native Americans and Justice, Joseph H. Hall

Psychological Androgyny and Children's Mental Health: A New Look With New Measures, Rachel E. Pauletti and Patrick J. Cooper

The Other Trumpet, Marc Reese and Lisa Leonard

Submissions from 2015

Enabling vs. Empowering Creating New Habits is Critical, Melissa Knight

Alcohol and Drug Use Among College Students Attending Public Four-Year Institutions: Implications for Practice and Policy, Marlena Ballard Coco


An Investigation on Institutional Holdings of Firms During the 2008 Financial Crisis, Wei Feng, Bruce C. Payne, and Shirley Ye Sheng

Co-Chair International Organization of Social Science and Behavioral Research 2015 Fall Conference, Robert W. Reich

Competitive Advantage: The Relationship of Corporate Knowledge Officers to Return on Assets (ROE) of Publically Listed Companies, Robert W. Reich, Joseph Ingles, and Therese Viscelli

International Organization of Social Science and Behavioral Research 2015 Fall Conference Proceedings, Robert W. Reich and Randall Valentine

Manufacturing Location: Bigger vs Smaller Cities, Farideh A. Farazmand, Ralph Norcio, and Yu-Te Tu

Partnerships in Caribbean Countries: Bringing Special Education Training to Developing Countries, Jennifer Lesh and Amy Stevens

Solving the Unemployment Paradox, Harika Rao


Vořišek: Complete Works for Piano, Vol. 1, Roberta Rust

Assessing Oral Communication Across the Curriculum, Stephanie Jackson

Changing Schools of Education and the EdD Programs to Produce Impactful Practitioners Lynn University, 2015 Past… Present… and Future, Nancy C. Kline

Modern Presentation Improvisational Concepts, Harry Murphy

New Trends in Media Consumption, Denise Belafonte-Young, Gary Carlin, Erika Grodzki, Stephanie Powers, and Timea Varga

Technology Based Education: A Foe or Friend to Student Development?, Harika Rao


Workers Can't Find Jobs, Jobs Can't Find Workers: Solving The Talent Paradox, Harika Rao

Stock Market Reactions to Terrorist Events: A Deeper Analysis, Robert W. Reich, James Kroger, and G. McVay

Constructing a Strategic Cross-Cultural Advertising Approach, Erika Grodzki


Menahem Pressler/Paavo Järvi/Orchestre de Paris, Roberta Rust

Transparency and Engagement: A Case Study of Lynn University’s Curricular Implementations, Erika Grodzki and Stephanie Powers

Digital Evolution in Revolutionary Times, Denise Belafonte-Young


Learning Leaders, Kathleen Weigel and Richard D. Jones

The Importance of Media Literacy to an Undergraduate Education in Today’s Society, Erika Grodzki, Martin Phillips, Stephanie Powers, Timea Varga, and Gary Carlin

Allocentric and Ideocentric Persuasion: Characteristics of Leadership Personality, Robert W. Reich, Maria Lucero, and Javier Anegon

Learning Leaders, Kathleen Weigel and Richard D. Jones

Creating an iPad "Art" Room, Kelly Burlison and Nancy C. Kline

Executive Function Coaching: Assisting with Transitioning from Secondary to Postsecondary Education, Shara B. Goudreau and Melissa Knight

Ignorance, Lesbians and Medicine: Disturbing the Messages of Safer Sex, Valeria Fabj


Rev. of “All the Things You Are: Leon Fleisher, piano", Roberta Rust


The Two Dollar Bill Documentary, John M. Bennardo

Submissions from 2014

Minor Goods and Objective Theories of Well-Being, Christopher Rice


Rev. of "Arvo Pärt: Für Anna Maria, Complete Piano Music: Jeroen van Veen, piano", Roberta Rust

Rev. of Conflicts in Culture: Strategies to Understand and Resolve the Issues, by Sandra Harris, and Steve Jenkins, Priscilla A. Boerger


Rev. of “Rzewski: Piano Music: Robert Satterlee, piano”, Roberta Rust

Brass Quintet, Thomas McKinley

All Learning Styles Welcome, Kathleen Weigel, Korynne Taylor-Dunlop, and Nancy C. Kline


Group Dissertation in Practice: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Perspectives from a College Dean, Dissertation Chair, and Doctoral Candidate, Kathleen Weigel, Korynne Taylor-Dunlop, and Katherine Reedy

Hybrid Courses: Communication In and Out of the Classroom, Shara B. Goudreau, Darren Allen, and Carrie Simpson

Media as a Universal Language, Denise Belafonte-Young, Erika Grodzki, and Harry Murphy

Action, Research, Results, Kelly Burlison, Lauren Marianino, and Michelle Wagner

The Need to Teach Communication Technology to All Undergraduates, Martin Phillips, Gary Carlin, Erika Grodzki, and Jennifer Whalen

Elusive Objectivity of Humor Research, Sophia Stone

In Defense of the American Beer, Sophia Stone

Convention Chair. 2014 Florida Communication Association Convention: The Power of Culture and Communication, Stefanie Powers


The Impact of Reading Success Academy on High School Reading Achievement, Kelly Burlison and Josh Chave